Friday, 11 January 2013

Dark Knight Night

Friday has to be my most favourite day of the week. I finish work at 3:15, and have two whole days of no work, and all play ahead. And the added bonus that I always find my Friday night sleep is the best of the week, Anyone else? Happy Friday.

A semi-busy weekend planned. Tonight is Dark Knight night - DVD, comfort food, Batman love and sibling banter. My boyfriend is in charge of cooking for his sister and I, and no doubt there will be instagram photos popping up. Lucky girl that I am, my boyfriend covers 90% of the cooking (and he's pretty good at it too, except pasta...)

Saturday Morning see's me braving my local swimming pool in a bikini. I haven't been swimming since Cuba - which is over 6 months ago! There is 6 of us going in total so it should be a fun start to the day. Minus the inevitable boyfriend-dunking incidents.
Once I am all de-chlorined its on to a movie marathon in thea cinema. I say marathon, but what I really mean is two films back to back in what are probably the most uncomfortable seats known to man. Gangster Squad first up, Hello Gosling. Followed by Les Mis.
I feel like I am cheating slightly by seeing Les Mis for the FIRST time in the cinema, but I guess if I like the film, then I will love the show?

Sunday will be our standard duvet day. Relaxi pants, more DVDs (Drive is definitely one of them. More Gosling please) and catching up on blog reading. Possibly maybe some house work. I never realised how hard keeping up a home was - moving out has taught me a lot, and to appreciate my Mum EVEN more.


  1. holy moly two films at cinema back to back! You are brave, i can feel the numb bum starting just reading that! enjoy x

  2. enoy... the film, not the numb bum xx